WPICC/ Decorator + WEDDING planner + Owner


Sam is the heartbeat of One Events and the big dreamer. She manages everything from full designs and creations, to event set ups and installations, to event logistics and timelines.

Sam is very much a hands-on Wedding Planner and Decorator. She will sit down with you and create a dreamy event design that will emphasize your own personal style. With lots of pretty and useful recommendations in between that only that hands on style can do.

Sam’s specialty (and favourite part) is making things pretty. She loves creating and even the smallest details are always covered when she is dreaming big. Sam is a big sucker for the romance of ceremonies, and loves anything with a little sparkle. If you add in man’s best friend as the ring bearer she will melt in your hands.

Sam truly is go-getter, and real-life overachiever on a mission to bring other people's dreams to life. Sam climbs ladders, ties bows, fluffs dresses, and even helps clear dishes. She wakes up early and stays up late to make sure your event is nothing short of amazing. And, she'll make it yours. What it ultimately comes

 down to, is that she cares. A lot. The goal is to help you enjoy your celebration, and create gorgeous memories that last a lifetime.


WPICC / Muscle + woodworker + Owner


Jeremy is the other half of One Event, contributing the muscle power and problem solving necessary to make every event truly flawless. By managing installations, moving furniture and overseeing setup and cleanup, he’s a true production director.  And, during events, he is always ready to answer questions from guests and clients, ensuring everyone has a full glass, and are where they need to be!

In his free time, Jeremy loves to play with his 2 little girls, loves his old truck, and is always up for a game of hockey. He has a special knack for woodworking - many pieces in our rental collection was handmade by Jeremy himself!


As a husband and wife team,
Sam and Jeremy are ready and able to bring your vision to reality in an approachable process. They've been exactly where you are and want to make the planning and party seamless!




Charlene joined our team in 2013, and rounds out our One Event little family. She is the bubbly smiling face that on the big day keeps spirts high. She too is a go-getter, and overachiever like the rest of us which makes her the perfect fit. She is hard working and has amazing customer service skills. This means she is always taking that extra mile to make every person happy. She has a great eye for detail and will make sure that every list is checked off and every element of your big day is covered.

Charlene truly enjoys her time at the gym. This keeps her fit for those 100 km we put on the day of a wedding. She loves spending time with her family and is always up for finding the most amazing places to eat.



Even though we are the faces you will see mainly see, we are not the only contributors to One Events. We have a wonderful and hard working gang that helps us execute every event. From set ups, to day of, to tear downs our crew are (is) a professional and extremely talented bunch. Without them and all their hard work One Event would not be what it is today. They work tirelessly beside us and help us pull off all the design elements to a tee. We can’t thank them enough and I’m sure you will come across a few of our valuable team members at some point during your time we work together.

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